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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
Geological sequestration of greenhouse gases: opportunities for industry-academe research partnerships Paper 2001 4 Yes More Information
Optimization of CO2 sequestered as a residual phase in brine-saturated formations (abs.) Abstract 2003 2 Yes More Information
Moving Permian Basin technology to the Gulf Coast: the geologic distribution of CO2 EOR potential in Gulf Coast reservoirs Paper 2005 10 Yes More Information
Creating a simplified model using dimensionless groups for CO2 flooding and storage in Gulf Coast reservoirs Slides 2005 27 Yes More Information
Source-sink matching and potential for carbon capture and storage in the Gulf Coast Paper 2006 6 Yes More Information
The Gulf Coast Carbon Center: developing a sequestration industry in the Gulf Coast Region Paper 2008 4 Yes More Information
Quick-look assessments to identify optimal CO2 EOR storage sites Link 2008 0 Yes More Information
The system-wide economics of a carbon dioxide capture, utilization, and storage network: Texas Gulf Coast with pure CO2-EOR flood Link 2013 16 Yes More Information
The reservoir performance and impact from using large-volume, intermittent, anthropogenic CO2 for enhanced oil recover Other 2012 125 Yes More Information

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