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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
Audience-pleasing physical models to support CO2 outreach Paper 2005 10 Yes More Information
Public acceptance for CCS Slides 2008 16 Yes More Information
EPA draft rules on geological storage: selected stakeholder feedback Slides 2008 11 Yes More Information
Too much carbon in our atmosphere? Carbon sequestration-One option Slides 2009 39 Yes More Information
Carbon sequestration Texas style! Slides 2010 67 Yes More Information
Natural CO2 releases providing messages for stakeholders Abstract 2011 1 Yes More Information
Advancing global offshore CCS Proposing a CSLF task force: International Initiative for CCS subsea (iCCSc) Slides 2013 17 Yes More Information
Energy, climate and water in the 21st century Texas and Florida share a strong connection with future challenges in the Earth sciences Paper 2012 4 Yes More Information
CO2 injection for geological storage: A series of activities for training professionals and educating students in geological carbon storage Paper 2013 7 Yes More Information
Meeting the grand challenges for future carbon management engineers and scientists: stimulating workforce capacity through teacher professional development Paper 2013 7 Yes More Information
Alleged leakage of CO2 from the Weyburn-Midale CO2 monitoring and storage project: Preliminary findings from implementation of the IPAC-CO2 incident response protocol Abstract 2011 1 Yes More Information
The Kerr investigation final report: Findings of the investigation into the impact of CO2 on the Kerr property Paper 2011 245 Yes More Information

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