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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
Project evaluation: phase II: Optimal Geological Environments for Carbon Dioxide Disposal in Brine Formations (Saline Aquifers) in the United States Report 2000 232 Yes More Information
A tool to facilitate modeling and pilot projects for sequestration of carbon dioxide in saline formations Paper 2000 6 Yes More Information
Evaluation of brine-bearing sands of the Frio Formation, Upper Texas Gulf Coast for geological sequestration Paper 2001 13 Yes More Information
Capacity investigation of brine-bearing sands of the Frio Formation for geologic sequestration of CO2 Paper 2001 16 Yes More Information
Geologic sequestration in the Gulf Coast: subregional considerations (abs.) Abstract 2003 1 Yes More Information
The impact of geological heterogeneity on CO2 storage in brine formations: a case study from the Texas Gulf Coast Link 2004 17 Yes More Information
The Gulf Coast Carbon Center: carbon sequestration opportunities in geologic formations Link 2004 9 Yes More Information
Creating a simplified model using dimensionless groups for CO2 flooding and storage in Gulf Coast reservoirs Slides 2005 27 Yes More Information
Area of review: how large is large enough for carbon storage? Paper 2006 11 Yes More Information
Source-sink matching and potential for carbon capture and storage in the Gulf Coast Paper 2006 6 Yes More Information
FutureGen: clean-coal and near-zero-emission power generation technology for the Gulf Coast Link 2006 9 Yes More Information
Potential sinks for geologic storage of CO2 generated in the Carolinas Report 2007 16 Yes More Information
Texas as a national sink Slides 2008 22 Yes More Information
Comparing carbon sequestration in an oil reservoir to sequestration in a brine formation-field study Paper 2008 7 Yes More Information
Investigation of water displacement following large CO2 sequestration operations Slides 2008 8 Yes More Information
Pressure perturbations from geologic carbon sequestration: area-of-review boundaries and borehole leakage driving forces Paper 2008 8 Yes More Information
What to do with CO2: The knowns and unknowns of geologic sequestration and CO2 EOR in greenhouse gas context Slides 2008 20 Yes More Information
New developments: Solved and unsolved questions regarding geologic sequestration of CO2 as a greenhouse gas reduction method Slides 2008 28 Yes More Information
Risk-based approach to assess CO2 storage capacity Slides 2010 12 Yes More Information
SECARB Phase 3, Task 15: Geological CO2 sequestration capacity estimate, offshore northern Gulf of Mexico Slides 2011 24 No More Information
Making capacity estimates for geologic storage of CO2 Link 2011 31 No More Information
Capillary seals for trapping carbon dioxide (CO2) in underground reservoirs Link 2010 17 Yes More Information
Empirical analysis of fault seal capacity for CO2 sequestration, Lower Miocene, Texas Gulf Coast Other 2012 100 Yes More Information
Characterizing small-scale migration behavior of sequestered CO2 in a realistic geological fabric Paper 2012 15 Yes More Information
Preliminary evaluation of offshore transport and storage of CO2 Report 2010 13 Yes More Information
Executive summary: Task 15 – NATCARB atlas update – CO2 sequestration capacity, offshore western Gulf of Mexico Other 2011 2 Yes More Information
Reduction of lateral pressure propagation due to dissipation into ambient mudrocks during geological carbon dioxide storage Link 2013 16 Yes More Information
Potential sinks for geologic storage of carbon dioxide generated by power plants in North and South Carolina Report 2008 57 Yes More Information
Continued evaluation of potential for geologic storage of carbon dioxide in the southeastern United States Report 2011 39 Yes More Information
Gulf of Mexico Miocene CO2 site characterization mega transect DE-FE0001941_Part I Slides 2013 34 Yes More Information
Gulf of Mexico Miocene CO2 site characterization mega transect DE-FE0001941_Part 2 Slides 2013 35 Yes More Information
Advancing global offshore CCS – Proposing a CSLF task force: International Initiative for CCS subsea (iCCSc) Slides 2013 17 Yes More Information
Methodologies and guidelines for selection of storage sites in saline aquifers Slides 2013 31 Yes More Information
Metodologías y directrices para la selección de lugares de almacenamiento de CO2 en acuiferos salinos Slides 2013 33 Yes More Information
Fundamentals of modelling CO2 movement underground Slides 2013 27 Yes More Information
Fundamentos del modelado de flujo de CO2 en el subsuelo Slides 2013 27 Yes More Information
An atlas of CO2 storage potential in the nearshore waters of the Texas coast – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – “Gulf of Mexico Miocene CO2 site characterization mega-transect” Poster 2013 1 Yes More Information
CCU&S via stacked storage – case studies from CO2-EOR basins of the United States Link 2013 6 Yes More Information
Three-million-metric-ton-monitored injection at the SECARB Cranfield project – project update Link 2013 12 Yes More Information
Regional CO2 sequestration capacity assessment for the coastal and offshore Texas Miocene interval Link 2013 13 Yes More Information
Offshore CCS in the northern Gulf of Mexico & South Atlantic Link 2009 2 Yes More Information
Optimization of injection rates for geological CO2 storage in brine formations using EASiTool Poster 2014 1 Yes More Information
Carbon dioxide storage in geologically heterogeneous formations Other 2013 200 Yes More Information
Use of 3-dimensional dynamic modeling of CO2 injection for comparison to regional static capacity assessments of Miocene sandstone reservoirs in the Texas State Waters, Gulf of Mexico Other 2013 152 Yes More Information
A value of information analysis of permeability data in a carbon capture and storage project Other 2012 107 Yes More Information
Gulf Coast Carbon Center 2011-2014 Retrospective Report 2015 81 Yes More Information
The offshore Texas Miocene CO2 storage project Poster 2014 1 Yes More Information
Gulf of Mexico Miocene CO2 site characterization mega transect – final scientific/technical report Report 2014 583 Yes More Information

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