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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
Comparing carbon sequestration in an oil reservoir to sequestration in a brine formation-field study 2008 7 Yes More Information
Investigation of water displacement following large CO2 sequestration operations 2008 8 Yes More Information
Risk assessment for future CO2 sequestration projects based on co2 enhanced oil recovery in the U.S. 2008 6 Yes More Information
SECARB Phase II-Cranfield, MS 2009 17 Yes More Information
SECARB Phase III-Early Test, Cranfield, MS 2009 35 Yes More Information
Southeast Partnership Early Test Update-Cranfield field, MS 2009 40 Yes More Information
Results of numerical investigations at SECARB Cranfield, MS fielt test site 2009 11 Yes More Information
Geological carbon sequestration: prediction and verification 2009 4 Yes More Information
Monitoring a large volume CO2 injection: year two results from SECARB project at Denbury's Cranfield, Mississippi, USA 2011 7 Yes More Information
Numerical modeling of CO2 injection into a typical U.S. Gulf Coast anticline structure 2011 7 Yes More Information
Static and dynamic reservoir modeling for geological CO2 sequestration at Cranfield, Mississippi, USA 2013 14 Yes More Information
CO2 recycling accounting and EOR operation scheduling to assist in storage capacity assessment at a U.S. gulf coast depleted reservoir 2013 11 Yes More Information
Analysis of potential leakage pathways at the Cranfield, MS, USA, CO2 sequestration site 2013 13 Yes More Information

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