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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
Area of review: how large is large enough for carbon storage? 2006 11 Yes More Information
Leakage pathways from potential CO2 storage sites in the Texas Gulf coast and implications for permitting 2006 15 Yes More Information
Science-based permitting of geological sequestration of CO2 in brine reservoirs in the U.S 2007 11 Yes More Information
EPA draft rules on geological storage: selected stakeholder feedback 2008 11 Yes More Information
Investigation of water displacement following large CO2 sequestration operations 2008 8 Yes More Information
Pressure perturbations from geologic carbon sequestration: area-of-review boundaries and borehole leakage driving forces 2008 8 Yes More Information
Risk assessment for future CO2 sequestration projects based on co2 enhanced oil recovery in the U.S. 2008 6 Yes More Information
The Gulf Coast Carbon Center: developing a sequestration industry in the Gulf Coast Region 2008 4 Yes More Information
Risk and monitoring risk for CO2 sequestration in deep brine reservoirs 2008 4 Yes More Information
Role of CO2 EOR in sequestration for GHG emissions reduction 2008 47 Yes More Information
Evaluation of large-scale CO2 storage on fresh-water sections of aquifers: an example from the Texas Gulf Coast Basin 2008 0 Yes More Information
State-based developments in regulating CO2 sequestration 2008 4 Yes More Information
Case studies of the application of the Certification Framework to two geologic carbon sequestration sites 2009 0 Yes More Information
SECARB Phase II-Cranfield, MS 2009 17 Yes More Information
SECARB Phase III-Early Test, Cranfield, MS 2009 35 Yes More Information
Southeast Partnership Early Test Update-Cranfield field, MS 2009 40 Yes More Information
A survey of oil and gas wells in the Texas Gulf Coast, USA, and implications for geological sequestration of CO2 2009 14 Yes More Information
Geological sequestration of carbon dioxide in oil and gas reservoirs on the Texas Gulf Coas 2009 2 Yes More Information
Results of numerical investigations at SECARB Cranfield, MS fielt test site 2009 11 Yes More Information
Simplified CO2 plume dynamics for a certification framework for geologic sequestration projects 2009 8 Yes More Information
Pore space ownership issues for CO2 sequestration in the U.S 2009 5 Yes More Information
Geological carbon sequestration: prediction and verification 2009 4 Yes More Information
Leakage pathways from potential CO2 storage sites and importance of open traps: Case of the Texas Gulf Coast 2009 13 Yes More Information
The importance of considering rock-water interaction when studying potential impacts of geological CO2 sequestration on drinking water resources 2008 4 Yes More Information
Executive summary: Recent results of the SACROC groundwater geochemistry summary 2008 5 Yes More Information
Across-fault pressure perturbation induced by CO2 injection 2010 2 Yes More Information
Role of geochemical monitoring in geologic sequestration 2010 26 Yes More Information
Risk-based approach to assess CO2 storage capacity 2010 12 Yes More Information
Are single-phase flow numerical models sufficient to estimate pressure distribution in CO2 sequestration projects? 2011 7 Yes More Information
Sensitivity study of CO2 storage in saline aquifers in the presence of a gas cap 2011 7 Yes More Information
Leakage risk assessment of the In Salah CO2 storage project: applying the Certification Framework in a dynamic context 2011 7 Yes More Information
Numerical modeling of CO2 injection into a typical U.S. Gulf Coast anticline structure 2011 7 Yes More Information
Effects of adjacent mud rocks on Co2 injection pressure: model case based on a typical U.S. Gulf Coast salt diapir field under injection 2011 0 Yes More Information
A model comparison initiative for a CO2 injection field test: an introduction to Sim-SEQ 2012 11 Yes More Information
Scoping analysis of brine extraction/re-injection for enhanced CO2 storage 2012 13 Yes More Information
Inversion of pressure anomaly data for detecting leakage at geologic carbon sequestration sites 2012 10 Yes More Information
Reduction of lateral pressure propagation due to dissipation into ambient mudrocks during geological carbon dioxide storage 2013 16 Yes More Information
Static and dynamic reservoir modeling for geological CO2 sequestration at Cranfield, Mississippi, USA 2013 14 Yes More Information
CO2 recycling accounting and EOR operation scheduling to assist in storage capacity assessment at a U.S. gulf coast depleted reservoir 2013 11 Yes More Information
Analysis of potential leakage pathways at the Cranfield, MS, USA, CO2 sequestration site 2013 13 Yes More Information
Editorial: Midproject assessment of the SECARB Early Test at Cranfield, Mississippi 2013 2 Yes More Information
Single-well push-pull test for assessing potential impacts of CO2 leakage on groundwater quality in a shallow Gulf Coast aquifer in Cranfield, Mississippi 2013 13 Yes More Information
Site characterization and reservoir history matching for geological CO2 sequestration at the S3 site 2012 48 Yes More Information
Monitoring above-zone temperature variations associated with CO2 and brine leakage from the storage aquifer 2014 15 Yes More Information
Above-zone temperature variations due to CO2 leakage from the storage aquifer 2012 1 Yes More Information
Expert-based development of a standard in CO2 sequestration monitoring technology 2014 52 Yes More Information
Workbook for developing a monitoring plan to ensure storage permanence in a geologic storage project, including site-specific tool selection 2014 65 Yes More Information

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