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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
Gas-Water-Rock Interactions in Saline Aquifers Following CO2 Injection: Results from Frio Formation, Texas, USA 2005 16 Yes More Information
Geochemistry of water and gases in the Frio Brine Pilot test: baseline data and changes during and post CO2 injection 2005 29 Yes More Information
Monitoring geologically sequestered CO2 during the Frio Brine Pilot Test using perfluorocarbon tracers 2005 9 Yes More Information
Gas-water-rock interactions in Frio Format on following CO2 injection: implications for the storage of greenhouse gases in sedimentary basins: 2006 4 Yes More Information
Role of geochemical interactions in assuring permanence of storage of CO2 in geologic environments 2007 23 Yes More Information
Subsurface monitoring of anthropogenic CO2 injected in sedimentary basins: results from the Frio-I brine test, Texas 2007 5 Yes More Information
Environmental implications of toxic metals and dissolved organics released as a result of CO2 injection into the Frio Formation, Texas, USA 2007 5 Yes More Information
Reservoir fluid and gas chemistry during CO2 injection at the Cranfield field, Mississippi, USA 2009 2 Yes More Information
CO2-rock-brine interactions in Lower Tuscaloosa Formation at Cranfield CO2 sequestration site, Mississippi, U.S.A. 2011 45 Yes More Information

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