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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
Moving Permian Basin technology to the Gulf Coast: the geologic distribution of CO2 EOR potential in Gulf Coast reservoirs 2005 10 Yes More Information
Assessment of geological storage capacity of the southeastern U.S. for CO2 in brines and economic use for EOR 2006 20 Yes More Information
Source-sink matching and potential for carbon capture and storage in the Gulf Coast 2006 6 Yes More Information
FutureGen: clean-coal and near-zero-emission power generation technology for the Gulf Coast 2006 9 Yes More Information
The Gulf Coast Carbon Center: developing a sequestration industry in the Gulf Coast Region 2008 4 Yes More Information
Geologic factors controlling CO2 storage capacity and permanence: case studies based on experience with heterogeneity in oil and gas reservoirs applied to CO2 storage 2008 0 Yes More Information
Quick-look assessments to identify optimal CO2 EOR storage sites 2008 0 Yes More Information
CO2 source-sink matching in the lower 48 United States, with examples from the Texas Gulf Coast and Permian Basin 2009 15 Yes More Information
Geologic and infrastructure factors for delineating areas for clean coal: examples in Texas, USA 2011 20 No More Information
Temperature monitoring at SECARB Cranfield Phase 3 site using distributed temperature sensing (DTS) technology 2011 1 No More Information
Geologic and economic criteria for siting clean-coal facilities in the Texas Gulf Coast, USA 2012 22 Yes More Information
Characterizing CO2 storage reservoirs and shallow overburden for above-zone monitoring in Texas Gulf Coast EOR fields 2012 13 Yes More Information
Methodologies and guidelines for selection of storage sites in saline aquifers 2013 31 Yes More Information
Metodologías y directrices para la selección de lugares de almacenamiento de CO2 en acuiferos salinos 2013 33 Yes More Information
Fundamentals of modelling CO2 movement underground 2013 27 Yes More Information
Fundamentos del modelado de flujo de CO2 en el subsuelo 2013 27 Yes More Information
Fundamentos del monitoreo de CO2 inyectado en el subsuelo 2013 28 Yes More Information
Fundamentals of monitoring CO2 injected in the subsurface 2013 28 Yes More Information
CO2 storage, monitoring, verification, and accounting 2013 25 Yes More Information
The system-wide economics of a carbon dioxide capture, utilization, and storage network: Texas Gulf Coast with pure CO2-EOR flood 2013 16 Yes More Information
Subsurface monitoring of large-scale CO2 injection at SECARB’s Phase-III Cranfield site 2012 11 Yes More Information
Effect of depth and leakage-pathway flow properties on thermal response to leakage from CO2 storage zone 2015 8 Yes More Information
Gulf Coast Carbon Center 2011-2014 Retrospective 2015 81 Yes More Information

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