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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
Leakage characterization through above-zone pressure monitoring: 2 - Design considerations with application to CO2 storage in saline aquifers 2012 13 Yes More Information
Leakage characterization through above-zone pressure monitoring: 1- Inversion approach 2012 12 Yes More Information
Analytical model of leakage through fault to overlying formations 2012 48 Yes More Information
Sensitivity analysis of salt precipitation and CO2-brine displacement in saline aquifers 2009 16 Yes More Information
Guidelines for a regulatory framework to accommodate geological storage of CO2 in Alberta 2009 2 Yes More Information
Analytical solution to evaluate salt precipitation during CO2 injection in saline aquifers 2009 12 Yes More Information
Design considerations to test sealing capacity of saline aquifers 2010 15 Yes More Information
Characterization of leakage through cap-rock with application to CO2 storage in aquifers single injector and single monitoring well 2010 16 Yes More Information
Assessing sensitivity to well leakage from three years of continuous reservoir pressure monitoring during CO2 injection at Cranfield, MS, USA 2013 10 Yes More Information
Detection of CO2 leakage in overlaying aquifers using time lapse compressibility monitoring 2013 1 Yes More Information
Monitoring above-zone temperature variations associated with CO2 and brine leakage from the storage aquifer 2014 15 Yes More Information
Above-zone temperature variations due to CO2 leakage from the storage aquifer 2012 1 Yes More Information
Using analytical and numerical modeling to assess the utility of groundwater monitoring parameters at carbon capture, utilization, and storage sites 2012 1 Yes More Information
Expert-based development of a standard in CO2 sequestration monitoring technology 2014 52 Yes More Information
Workbook for developing a monitoring plan to ensure storage permanence in a geologic storage project, including site-specific tool selection 2014 65 Yes More Information
Effect of depth and leakage-pathway flow properties on thermal response to leakage from CO2 storage zone 2015 8 Yes More Information

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