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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
Are single-phase flow numerical models sufficient to estimate pressure distribution in CO2 sequestration projects? 2011 7 Yes More Information
Sensitivity study of CO2 storage in saline aquifers in the presence of a gas cap 2011 7 Yes More Information
Cranfield Phase III modeling 2011 28 No More Information
A model comparison initiative for a CO2 injection field test: an introduction to Sim-SEQ 2012 11 Yes More Information
Role of partial miscibility on pressure buildup due to constant rate injection of CO2 into closed and open brine aquifers 2011 11 Yes More Information
Scoping analysis of brine extraction/re-injection for enhanced CO2 storage 2012 13 Yes More Information
Analytical model for CO2 injection into brine aquifers-Containing residual CH4 2012 21 Yes More Information
Characterizing CO2 storage reservoirs and shallow overburden for above-zone monitoring in Texas Gulf Coast EOR fields 2012 13 Yes More Information
Numerical simulation: Field scale fluid injection to a porous layer in relevance to CO2 geological storage 2013 6 Yes More Information
Above-zone pressure monitoring and geomechanical analyses for a field-scale CO2 injection project in Cranfield, MS 2013 18 Yes More Information
Static and dynamic reservoir modeling for geological CO2 sequestration at Cranfield, Mississippi, USA 2013 14 Yes More Information
CO2 recycling accounting and EOR operation scheduling to assist in storage capacity assessment at a U.S. gulf coast depleted reservoir 2013 11 Yes More Information
Modeling and simulation of carbon sequestration at Cranfield incorporating new physical models 2013 11 Yes More Information
Assessing sensitivity to well leakage from three years of continuous reservoir pressure monitoring during CO2 injection at Cranfield, MS, USA 2013 10 Yes More Information
Site characterization and reservoir history matching for geological CO2 sequestration at the S3 site 2012 48 Yes More Information
Detection of CO2 leakage in overlaying aquifers using time lapse compressibility monitoring 2013 1 Yes More Information
Optimization of injection rates for geological CO2 storage in brine formations using EASiTool 2014 1 Yes More Information
Pore pressure/stress coupling during fluid injection and its implications on CO2 geological storage 2014 0 Yes More Information
Complex fluid flow revealed by monitoring CO2 injection in a fluvial formation 2012 13 Yes More Information
Fluid flow in a fluvial formation revealed by continual monitoring of fluid chemistry during injection of carbon dioxide 2011 0 Yes More Information
Above-zone temperature variations due to CO2 leakage from the storage aquifer 2012 1 Yes More Information

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