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Title Item Type Year Pages PDF Available More Info
Assessing risk to freshwater resources from long-term CO2 injection-laboratory and field studies 2008 8 Yes More Information
Geochemical investigation of shallow groundwater over SACROC oilfield 2008 20 Yes More Information
SECARB Phase II-Cranfield, MS 2009 17 Yes More Information
SECARB Phase III-Early Test, Cranfield, MS 2009 35 Yes More Information
Southeast Partnership Early Test Update-Cranfield field, MS 2009 40 Yes More Information
The importance of considering rock-water interaction when studying potential impacts of geological CO2 sequestration on drinking water resources 2008 4 Yes More Information
Executive summary: Recent results of the SACROC groundwater geochemistry summary 2008 5 Yes More Information
Soil-gas identification of environmental factors affecting CO2 concentrations beneath a playa wetland: Implications for soil-gas monitoring at carbon storage sites 2009 22 Yes More Information
Modeling shallow groundwater geochemistry and carbon isotopes: Test of methodology for CO2 storage evaluation at an EOR site, West Texas, USA 2009 1 Yes More Information
Role of dedolomitization in the detection of anthropogenic CO2 in freshwater aquifers 2010 0 Yes More Information
Evaluation of CO2, He, C1-C5 gaseous hydrocarbons at an engineered CO2 injection, Cranfield, Mississippi 2010 1 Yes More Information
Targeted soil-gas methodologies for monitoring an engineered, plugged, and abandoned well site, Cranfield, Mississippi 2010 18 Yes More Information
Detection of anthropogenic CO2 in dilute groundwater: field observations and geochemical modeling of the Dockum aquifer at the SACROC oilfield, West Texas, USA 2010 14 Yes More Information
Role of geochemical monitoring in geologic sequestration 2010 26 Yes More Information
Geochemical characterization of shallow groundwater at the Cranfield aquifer and numerical simulation: Can pH and carbonate parameters be used to detect potential CO2 leakage at geological CO2 sequestration sites? 2010 21 Yes More Information
Soil-gas behavior and measurement in a carbon-reactive natural analogue; implications for near-surface monitoring 2010 24 Yes More Information
Monitoring CO2 storage in deep geological formations 2010 38 Yes More Information
New approach to soil gas monitoring 2011 21 Yes More Information
Monitoring a large volume CO2 injection: year two results from SECARB project at Denbury's Cranfield, Mississippi, USA 2011 7 Yes More Information
New approach to soil gas monitoring 2011 21 Yes More Information
Sensitivity of groundwater systems to CO2: Application of a site-specific analysis of carbonate monitoring parameters at the SACROC CO2-enhanced oil field 2012 10 Yes More Information
Getting science into international climate policy making: A success story! CCS in the clean development mechanism 2012 1 Yes More Information
Process-based approach to CO2 leakage detection by vadose zone gas monitoring at geologic CO2 storage sites 2012 6 Yes More Information
Potential for a process-based monitoring method above geologic carbon storage sites using dissolved gases in freshwater aquifers 2013 4 Yes More Information
Getting science and technology into international climate policy: Carbon dioxide capture and storage in the UNFCCC 2013 6 Yes More Information
Groundwater protection 2011 16 Yes More Information
Extraction of dissolved gaseous hydrocarbons from brine at an engineered CO2 injection, Cranfield, Mississippi 2011 1 Yes More Information
Natural CO2 releases providing messages for stakeholders 2011 1 Yes More Information
Using groundwater geochemistry for leak detection at a carbon sequestration site 2011 12 Yes More Information
Large volume of CO2 injection at the Cranfield, early field test of the SECARB Phase III: Near-surface monitoring 2012 14 Yes More Information
Modeling CO2 release experiment in the shallow subsurface and sensitivity analysis 2013 13 Yes More Information
Near-surface monitoring of large-volume CO2 injection at Cranfield: Early field test of SECARB Phase III 2013 8 Yes More Information
Geochemical sensitivity to CO2 leakage in shallow aquifers 2013 1 Yes More Information
Single-well push-pull test for assessing potential impacts of CO2 leakage on groundwater quality in a shallow Gulf Coast aquifer in Cranfield, Mississippi 2013 13 Yes More Information
Complex fluid flow revealed by monitoring CO2 injection in a fluvial formation 2012 13 Yes More Information
Energy, climate and water in the 21st century Texas and Florida share a strong connection with future challenges in the Earth sciences 2012 4 Yes More Information
Meeting the grand challenges for future carbon management engineers and scientists: stimulating workforce capacity through teacher professional development 2013 7 Yes More Information
Assessment of alleged CO2 leakage at the Kerr farm using a simple process-based soil gas technique: Implications for carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) monitoring 2013 7 Yes More Information
Geochemical aspects of geologic carbon storage 2013 3 Yes More Information
Sensitivity of shallow groundwater systems to CO2: Lessons from the NETL SWP study at the SACROC oilfield 2011 1 Yes More Information
Soil-gas identification of vadose-zone carbon cycling: Implications for near-surface modeling at CCS sites 2011 2 Yes More Information
Method for distinguishing signal from noise in the near-surface using simple soil-gas measurements: Lessons from natural and industrial analogues 2011 1 Yes More Information
Alleged leakage of CO2 from the Weyburn-Midale CO2 monitoring and storage project: Preliminary findings from implementation of the IPAC-CO2 incident response protocol 2011 1 Yes More Information
The Kerr investigation final report: Findings of the investigation into the impact of CO2 on the Kerr property 2011 245 Yes More Information
Field test of in-situ sensor technology for process-based soil gas monitoring 2014 2 Yes More Information

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