University of Texas at Austin

Granite Wash, Palo Duro Basin, Texas (14)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

14 Porosity:

Porosity measured in thin sections varies from 14 percent in uncemented sandstones to zero in tightly cemented sandstones (Dutton, 1982a).

14 Reference:

Dutton, S. P., 1982a, Depositional history and reservoir quality of Granite Wash, in Gustavson, T. C., Bassett, R. L., Budnik, R., Finley, R., Goldstein, A. G., McGowen, J. H., Roedder, E., Ruppel, S. C., Baumgardner, R. W., Jr., Bentley, M. E., Dutton, S. P., Fogg, G. E., Hovorka, S. D., McGookey, D. A., Ramondetta, P. J., Simpkins, W. W., Smith, D., Smith, D. A., Duncan, E. A., Griffin, J. A., Merritt, R. M., and Naiman, E. R., Geology and geohydrology of the Palo Duro Basin, Texas Panhandle: a report on the progress of the nuclear waste isolation feasibility studies, 1981: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, Geological Circular 82-7, p. 87-90


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