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Fox Hills, Lower Hell Creek, Powder River Basin (14)

Comments on Geologic Parameters

14 Porosity:

Porosity data are very limited for the Fox Hills Sandstone. Mullen and Barlow and Haun, Inc. (1993), showed a porosity value of 21 percent in West Side Canal field in the Greater Green River Basin. This value is inferred to be typical of Fox Hills porosity values in the Powder River Basin in similar shorezone facies. However, the porosity distribution is unknown.

14 Reference:

Mullen, D. M., and Barlow and Haun, Inc., 1993, Powder River Basin (Section FS-1), in Hjellming, C. A., ed., Atlas of major Rocky Mountain gas reservoirs: New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources, Geological Survey of Wyoming, Colorado Geological Survey, Utah Geological Survey, Barlow and Haun, Intera, and Methane Resources Group, Ltd., p. 70.


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