Tuscaloosa Group, Alabama Gulf Coastal Plain

Comments on Geologic Parameters

8 Continuity of Top Seal:

The Selma Chalk is thick and generally impermeable. However, Pashin and others (1998) demonstrated that fault-induced fracturing can greatly enhance fracturing in the Selma interval. Therefore, we used a map showing the configuration of the top of the Selma (Moffett and others, 1984a), which shows the location of major faults, to characterize the continuity of the top seal.

8 Map:


8 Reference:

Moffett, T. B., Hinkle, F., Epsman, M. L., and Wilson, G. V., 1984a, Configuration of the top of the Selma Group in Alabama: Alabama Geological Survey, Map 199CB, 1 sheet.

Pashin, J. C., Raymond, D. E., Rindsberg, A. K., Alabi, G. G., Carroll, R. E., Groshong, R. H., and Jin, G., 1998, Area balance and strain in an extensional fault system: strategies for improved oil recovery in fractured chalk, Gilbertown Field, southwestern Alabama: U.S. Department of Energy Report DOE/PC/91008-20 (DE98000499), National Petroleum Technology Office, 221 p.