Granite Wash, Palo Duro Basin, Texas

Comments on Geologic Parameters

15 Water Chemistry:

These data are contained in a table from Bassett and Bentley (1983), who did not provide well locations. However, they did furnish county locations, all located in the Anadarko or Dalhart Basins. Because Basset and Bentley (1983) stated that the data came from "tests conducted in the Palo Duro Basin," we have assumed that the authors thought that the data were, therefore, representative of the Palo Duro Basin..

15 Table:

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15 Reference:

Bassett, R. L., and Bentley, M. E., 1983, Deep brine aquifers in the Palo Duro Basin: regional flow and geochemical constraints: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology Report of Investigations No. 130, 59 p.