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Students at FRAC

Our research on structural diagenesis is supported by Chemical Sciences, Geosciences and Biosciences Division, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy with initiation funding from JSG Structural Diagenesis Initiative of the Geology Foundation, John A. and Katherine G. Jackson School of Geosciences (2005-2008).

Research on all aspects of subsurface fractures is supported by Industrial Associates of the Fracture Research and Application Consortium and by Jackson Research Fellowships.

The Fracture Research & Application Consortium supports a wide range of student projects focused on fractured shale, sandstone, and carbonate rocks. Major studies are underway in Colorado, Wyoming, East Texas, and Argentina.

In addition, many separately funded projects support our structural diagenesis research. Among these:

  • RPSEA New Albany Shale, a comprehensive study of fractured shale.
  • STARR projects in fracture shale and tight gas sandstones.
  • ExxonMobil/Jackson School initiative in unconventional reservoirs.
  • RPSEA Marcellus, a comprehensive study of fractured shale.
  • RPSEA Multiazimuth, a systematic study of fracture characterization using seismic methods and geologic ground truth.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

For student and posdoctoral opportunities see the Structural Diagenesis site.

   Steve Becker | Fluid inclusion records of fracture opening histories

   Andras Fall | Fracture system petrology

Department of Geological Sciences

   Brandon Barber | Fracture pattern development: systematic comparison of outcrop maps and geomechanical model       results

   Magdalena Ellis | Fracture pattern evolution and diagenesis in fault zones, Torridonian sandstone, NW Scotland

   Luke Fidler | Fracture characterization in the New Albany Shale

   Peter Hargrove | Fracture spatial scaling and pattern development under the influence of quartz precipitation,       Cambrian Eriboll sandstone, NW Scotland

   John Hooker | Fracture scaling and spatial scaling, with examples from Argentina and Colorado

   Juan Inigo| Fracture pattern evolution and diagenesis, Bolivia and Argentina

   Autumn Kaylor | Fractures and diagenesis of Cretaceous sandstones, Western Canada basin

   Faustino Monroy-Santiago | Diagenesis of fractures in dolostone

   Aysen Ozkan | Regional diagenesis, fracture petrology, and fracture opening histories, Piceance Basin, Colorado

   Alex Urquhart | Faults and CO2 storage

   Xuecheng Ouyang | Fundamental processes of fracture growth in fine-grained rocks.

   Laura Pommer | Fracture characterization in the Marcellus Shale

Energy and Earth Resources Graduate Program

   Walaa Ali | Geology, engineering, and economic issues, fractured mudstone reservoirs

   Libsen Castillo | Integrated analysis to improve hydraulic fracturing treatments in carbonate and clastic Reservoirs in       Torunos Hydrocarbon Field, Barinas Basin, Southwest Venezuela

   Natalia Kalitynska | Economic and engineering evaluation of hydraulic fracture completion practices in the Piceance             Basin, CO, USA

Department of Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering

   Hamid Adefashe | Determining the fracture mechanics properties of sedimentary rocks using double torsion testing

   Arash Dahi | Geomechanical modeling of fracture diagenesis

   Raushan Kumar | Subcritical to critical crack growth: applications to natural fracture and hydraulic fracture growth

   Atif Mohammed | Piceance basin hydraulic fracture performance

   Namsu Park | Discrete element modeling of rock fracture behavior: fracture toughness and time-dependent fracture       growth

   Jennifer Reese | Simulating gas production from hydraulic fracture networks: A case study of the Barnett Shale

Department of Geological Sciences
Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
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