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Because the Structural Diagenesis site is easier for us to update, public information about activities of FRAC staff are listed on the SDI News and SDI Events pages


2014 Fall Research Meeting, Central Texas


2013 Fall Research Meeting, Austin, Texas

Because the Structural Diagenesis site is easier for us to update, public information about activities of FRAC staff are listed on the SDI News and SDI Events pages


FRAC at AGU 2012
American Geophysical Union, 3-7 December 2012, San Francisco

FRAC co-authored paper most cited
in Journal of Structural Geology for papers published since 2006 according to Science Citation Index (Web of Science)

Aydin A; Borja RI; Eichhubl P., 2006, Geological and mathematical framework for failure modes in granular rock: JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY vol. 28, p. 83-98. 

FRAC at IGC 2012
34th International Geological Congress, 5-10 August 2012, Brisbane, Australia

Weisenberger T. B., Eichhub, P., Fall A. & Laubach S. E.: Fracture degradation by carbonate cement in tight-gas sandstones, Piceance Basin, Colorado (oral presentation)
Kousehlar M., Tutti F., Weisenberger, T.B. & Mirnejad H.: Low-temperature mineral formation - feedback on fluid evolution in volcanic rocks of Kahrizak, southern Tehran, Iran (Poster)

FRAC at PACROFI XI and Goldschmidt 2012
PACROFI XI (Pan-American Current Research on Fluid Inlcusions), Windsor, Canada, June 18-20, 2012

Fall, A., Weisenberger, T. B., Eichhubl, P., Laubach, S. E., Davis, J.S., Bodnar, R. J.: Diagenetic controls on carbonate fracture cementation in tight-gas sandstones.

Bodnar, R., Reynolds, J., Kontak, D., Fall, A.: Practical aspects of fluid inclusion data collection and interpretation

Goldschmidt 2012, Montreal, Canada, June 24-29, 2012

Andras Fall, Julia F. W. Gale, Peter Eichhubl, Walaa A. Ali, Stephen E. Laubach, Robert J. Bodnar: Opening-mode fracturing and cementation during hydrocarbon generation in mudrocks: an example from the Barnett Shale, West Texas (Invited).

Rob Lander and Linda Bonnell receive 2012 Pratt Award for best paper in the AAPG Bulletin

Their 2010 paper in AAPG Bulletin, vol. 94, p. 1161-1187 is entitled "A model for fibrous illite nucleation and growth in sandstones". Rob and Linda are co-founders of Geocosm LLC and Research Fellows with FRAC.

AAPGAAPG Distinguished Lecture 2011-12
S.E. Laubach to present AAPG Distinguished Lectures on Structural Diagenesis. 
For more information see the AAPG web site.

See Laubach's talk at CSPG
See Jon Olson's talk at CSPG

FRAC at AAPG ICE Long Beach, April 22-25, 2012

Gale, Julia F.; Pommer, Laura; Ouyang, Xuecheng; Fall, Andras; Eichhubl, Peter; Olson, Jon E.; Laubach, Stephen E.: Natural Fracture Characterization in Shale-Gas Reservoirs: Spatial Organization and Fracture Sealing.

Weisenberger, Tobias B.; Fall, Andras; Hooker, John N.; Eichhubl, Peter; Laubach, Stephen E.; Davis, J. S.: Predicting Fracture Porosity Degradation by Calcite Cement in Mesaverde Group Sandstones, Piceance Basin, Colorado.

Eichhubl, Peter; Gale, Julia F.; Olson, Jon E.; Laubach, Stephen E.; Hooker, John N.; Fall, Andras; Weisenberger, Tobias B.; Ukar, Estibalitz: What Can Outcrop and Core Based Observations Tell Us About Natural Fractures in Unconventional Reservoirs?

Dunphy, Rory; Dola, Jon; Gale, Julia F.: Natural Fracture Stratigraphy of Gas Shales in the Horn River Basin, NEBC, Canada: Relation to Lithostratigraphy and Implications for Hydraulic Fracture Growth.

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