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FRAC convenes 2010 Annual Meeting in AustinLaubach

The FRAC consortium convened in Austin for its annual research and application meeting on September 22-24. Presentations by Steve Laubach (above, left) Julia Gale, Peter Eichhubl, Jon Olson, and postdocs and students in Geological Sciences and Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering addressed natural and hydraulic fracture processes in shale gas and tight-gas sandstone reservoirs. The meeting was attended by 40 industry participants and concluded with a fieldtrip led by Julia Gale (foreground below) to exposures in the Barnett Shale.



Laubach Research Award
The Geological Society of America announced the Stephen E. Laubach Structural Diagenesis Research Award Fund to promote research combining structural geology and diagenesis, and curriculum development in structural diagenesis. To help promote the cross disciplinary emphasis of this annual award, the Sedimentary Geology and Structural Geology & Tectonics Divisions have been designated to jointly select the recipient. More information can be found at

The new Marcellus project
The new Marcellus project, funded by RPSEA and coordinated by GTI will commence in Fall 2010. It will follow the approach we took with the New Albany Shale project. That is, we aim to have a well experiment where data are collected from a pilot hole and then a hydraulic fracture treatment is monitored with microseismic and production data are made available. Our part will focus on the natural fractures observed in core and image logs. The project as a whole has a much wider scope, with many institutions and companies involved. Our operator partner will be Range Resources.

A fuller description will be posted once the details have been finalized.

PDFGale, J., Laubach, S., Olson, J., Natural Fracture Characterization

New report available on diagenesis and fractures, Piceance Basin
A new report on the diagenesis, rock mechanical properties and fractures in Williams Fork sandstones in the southern Piceance Basin has been posted. This study can be found on the Reports page (Current Year) on the Members site.

New Albany shale project underway
A comprehensive study of the New Albany shale is underway. Results from the first research well are currently being analyzed. Reports on core and outcrop studies in the New Albany can be found on the Members site. Contact Julia Gale for more information.

Seismic method study underway
A study that develops novel diffraction-based methods of detecting fractures and small faults will begin in Fall 2009. The study includes calibration and testing of the method using realistic fracture patterns derived from geomechanical simulation and from outcrop analogs. The validation and demonstration phase of the project will to the method to practical tests on real seismic data sets and predictions will be tested with core-based verifications techniques. A description of the project is on the Members site under Reports 2009 and Geophysics. For further information contact Peter Eichhubl.

FRAC Research meeting date September 23, 2010
The Fracture Research & Application Consortium Research Meeting will be held in Austin at the ROC building on The University of Texas J.J. Pickle Research Campus in north Austin. Further information on the meeting and an agenda can be found on the Members site. Contact Steve Laubach for further information.

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