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FRAC Memorandum of Agreement


Companies participate in this Industrial Associates program through an annual subscription. Research results are shared equally among supporting companies at annual review meetings and through our private web site.

Research Planning and Reporting
Each year the annual research plan is discussed and approved by the Members. Our private Website is an important part of our information transfer strategy.

New members are welcome to join at any time.

Meeting Schedules
The annual Research Meeting is generally held sometime between late spring and early fall and typically has an associated field trip. For information and field guides for previous field trips see the eJournal.

We also schedule Applications Meetings, which involve teaching of methods, software, practical exercises using case study data, etc. These meetings may be linked to field trips. In addition, we can meet individually with Members either in Austin or at Members offices to discuss or review case studies or to provide background briefings or training for staff.

During the year, there are various other single-issue technical meetings scheduled in Austin or Houston that Members are welcome to attend. These meetings are announced on the private web site.

Contact Steve Laubach for more information on scope of the project.

Contact our Contracts department for Invoice and Memorandum of Agreement.

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