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Energy & Earth Resources

About Energy & Earth Resources

Energy & Earth Resources Graduate Program. Dr. S. E. Laubach, FRAC contact for EER

The Energy and Earth Resources Graduate Program provides the opportunity for students to prepare themselves in management, finance, economics, law and policy leading to analytical and leadership positions in resource–related fields. Private sector and government organizations face a growing need for professionals that can plan, evaluate, and manage complex resource projects, commonly international in scope, which often include partners with a variety of professional backgrounds. This program is well suited for those looking towards 21st century careers in energy, mineral, water, and environmental resources.

FRAC supports students in the EER program. Student projects typically include some combination of economic and value of information analysis, engineering and geology.

If you are an EER student or prospective student interested in designing a project, contact Jon Olson or Steve Laubach.

For public information on completed EER projects within FRAC, see Thesis & Dissertation page on our student-oriented site.

The key contact for prospective and current students is Jessica Smith, the Graduate Coordinator


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