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Classes taught by Sergey Fomel at the Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin


Seismic Imaging

Seismic reflection imaging is the most powerful method for visualizing the interior of the Earth's upper crust. The class introduces fundamental concepts of seismic imaging from a unified geometrical point of view. In addition to theoretical studies, students get hands-on practical experience with imaging seismic data using an open-source software environment.

Multidimensional Data Analysis in Geosciences

Our knowledge about geological systems comes from data. Data analysis leads eventually to increasingly complex models of the Earth. In this class, we are going to study only simple models. Our objective is to understand the first steps of multidimensional data analysis. How does one extract predictable patterns from the data? Is it possible to reconstruct missing data? What is signal and what is noise and how to separate them?

This is a BYOD ("bring your own data") class. The main part of the coursework is your own research project in analyzing a digital dataset of your choice. In addition, we will look together at benchmark geoscience datasets from different sources (seismic, satellite, bathymetry, CT-scan, etc.) in order to learn how general data analysis principles apply to specific tasks. Hands-on exercises in multidimensional data analysis using an open-source software environment supplement theoretical studies.

Mathematical Methods in Geophysics

Mathematical methods play an exceptionally important role in geosciences and are essential for understanding advanced geophysics. This course is a tour of mathematics beyond
calculus. We will visit mathematical topics that are of particular relevance to geophysics in order to develop familiarity with the key concepts through lectures, exercises, and examples. The exercises involve an open-source mathematical software environment.



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