Austin Earth Science Week

Book Drive for Austin Public Library

A check for $1,700.00 being presented to a representative of the Austin Public Library for the 2002 ESW Book Drive.

The ESW Consortium has raised more than $13,000 to purchase Earth science books for the Austin Public Library. This fundraising began in 1999 when it was learned that the Library's collection of earth science books does not meet the needs of the public. The Book Drive is a collection of money, not books, given to the Library for their selection and purchase of durable, library-bound books.

Donations are received from individuals, local businesses, and state and federal agencies that employ earth science professionals. Texas Space Grant Consortium Outreach Coordinator and ESW consortium member Margaret Baguio coordinates the fundraising efforts. Margaret can be contacted at (512) 471-6922.

Want to Donate to the 2009 Book Drive?

Please contact
Margaret Baguio at
(512) 471-6922


Print our PDF-formatted Donation Form and mail to Margaret.

For more information about ESW, please e-mail
Sigrid Clift or telephone (512) 471-0320.