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ESW 2002
Monday, October 7
We all know that Texas football is a powerhouse…how is Texas a powerhouse in other ways?
Tuesday, October 8
How can you get iron balls in the ground that DON'T come from outer space?
Wednesday, October 9
Did all prehistoric "Texans" live in tipis?
Thursday, October 10
Where are the oldest chimneys in Central Texas?
Friday, October 11
Who lived in Texas before the Texans?
ESW 2001
Monday, October 8
Why did prehistoric people in central Texas (and elsewhere) live in holes in the ground?
Learn why early inhabitants lived in holes—and why archaeologists study them.
Tuesday, October 9
When can you walk through a sea and keep your feet dry?
Learn how much of Texas was covered by a shallow marine sea.
Wednesday, October 10
How could it be possible that we drink the same water that the dinosaurs drank?
Learn about the earth's water cycle.
Thursday, October 11
How does the earth recycle itself?

Read about the largest recycling "center" on earth.
Friday, October 12
Can you name some of our "earthy" possessions?
Mineral resources are an important part of our daily life.
ESW 2000
Monday, October 9
How would the prehistoric peoples of Central Texas have heated up their "microwave pizza"?
Learn how early Native Americans used geological resources to prepare their meals.
Tuesday, October 10
How does Texas both shrink and swell?

Discover an interesting property of many of our Texas soils.
Wednesday, October 11
When do logs grow underground?

Learn about an important tool of the oil and gas drilling industry.
Thursday, October 12
Can we really tell what the weather is going to be like by simply looking up at the clouds?

Discover what can be learned by observing clouds.
Friday, October 13
Could the average Texan fill a swimming pool with the water he or she uses in a year?

Find out how much water Texans use and how.
ESW 1999
October 11
How is Central Texas like Swiss cheese?

Explore geological processes in Texas.
October 12
How low can you go—if you're a drop of water in an aquifer?

Investigate Texas groundwater.
October 13
When can a feather weigh more than a bird?
Discover Texas paleontology.
October 14
How do fossils energize Texas?
Survey Texas energy and mineral resources.
October 15
What kind of shower don't you need an umbrella for?

Explore the impact of astronomical events on Texas.
















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