A "Virtual" Tour of Austin's ESW Career Day Fair 2005
October 11, 2005

2005 Career Fair Day Program

NASA Astronaut Dominic Gorie Multimedia Presentation

Students packed the auditorium for the opening ceremonies.

Bureau of Economic Geology Director Scott Tinker talks discusses the Law of Superposition.


Austin ESW Consortium raised $2,500.00 to purchase earth science books for the Austin Public Libraries.


Susan Wall teaches students about Austin Watershed issues. Sara Heilman from the City of Austin was also an instructor.


Sean Murphy demonstrates gem polishing and faceting.


Teachers enjoy the News 8 Storm Tracker


A student learns how to facet a gemstone

A student enjoys looking at fossils.


Bureau research scientist Jay Raney and Central Texas Paleontological Society member Danny Harlow talk about fossils.


Jeff Maulden demonstrates FASTRAC nannosatellites.


John Mikels, local hydrogeologist, demonstrates an aquifer model.


News 8 Meteorologist Rich Segal interviews a student about weather issues.


Students from the WATCH Robotic team demonstrate robots that they designed.


Margaret Baguio from Texas Space Grant Consortium demonstrates experiments from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) program.


Rich Segal answers questions about weather and climate.


Students eagerly respond to questions by Burton Fitzsimmons, News 8 Meteorologist.


Students had a great day.


Maybe they'll be back next year!