A "Virtual" Tour of Austin's ESW Career Day Fair 2004
October 12, 2004

NASA Astronaut Dominic Gorie Multimedia Presentation

Pat Alfano, Graphics Designer at U.T. Bureau of Economic Geology, shows students how art is used in science.

Students get to hear about careers in Texas Archeology from Doug Boyd, Archeologist at Prewitt and Associates.


Students enjoy identifying rocks, minerals, and fossils at the Rock Properties display. Rock and mineral expert identifier, Arten Avakian, Geologist from TCEQ, instructs the students in mineral identification.


Students have fun learning about technology in science and using airborne lidar to map the effects of hurricanes. Becky Smyth, Geologist at the U.T. Bureau of Economic Geology, shows them how.


Joseph Beery, Hydrogeologist at Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District, demonstrates technology used in water resource studies.


Sara Heilman, Science Educator at the City of Austin Watershed Protection and Review Department, talks to students about the Edwards aquifer watershed.


Students have hands-on experience with watershed issues using this interactive model. Susan Wall and Sara Heilman, Science Educators, City of Austin, brought the model to the fair.


Students dig the fossil exhibit from the Central Texas Paleontological Society and Bill Rader, Science Writer for Holt, Rinehart, and Winston.


Students are always fascinated by the gem polishing exhibit displayed by Sean Murphy, a gem and mineral expert employed by Sematech.


Paul Bond and Dyan Rice from American Youthworks have used three interactive Austin watershed models for these students to learn more about water resource issues.


Greg Holt, Graduate Student at U.T. Aerospace Department, talks to students about how to use GPS and its applications. The students were then treated to a GPS scavenger hunt.


News 8 Meteorologists Rich Segal and Burton Fitzsimmons give a live weather cast from the Pickle Research Campus. They also interviewed some of the students.


Bob Rose, LCRA Meteorologist, talks to students about wild weather in Central Texas.


Sue Bachus, owner of the Science Stuff store, assists in one of many science activities for students in the exhibits area.


Keynote speaker NASA Astronaut Dominic Gorie and Austin ESW Chair Sigrid Clift pose beside the sponsors’ poster. The Austin ESW Consortium gratefully acknowledges the 2004 ESW financial and in-kind sponsors.


Students eagerly respond to questions by Burton Fitzsimmons, News 8 Meteorologist.


Students are introduced to petroleum exploration by Dr. Ursula Hammes, Research Scientist at U.T. Bureau of Economic Geology.


Chris Braun, Hydrologist from USGS Austin, plays Alex Trebek during his Water Jeopardy Game to teach students about water resources.


NASA Astronaut Dominic Gorie thrills students with a fantastic presentation that included a video from one of the shuttle missions he commanded.


Students get to wear 3-D goggles to experience Adventures in Virtual Reality, which was presented by Scott Rodgers, Media Technology Manager, John Andrews, Geographer, and David Jordan, Geologist, from U.T. Bureau of Economic Geology.


An estimated 350 students, along with their teachers, from 5 middle schools in the Central Texas area attended the 2004 Austin ESW career fair. More than 60 earth science professionals volunteered their time to participate as presenters, exhibitors, and tour guides. The highlight of the event was the keynote presentation by NASA Astronaut Dominic Gorie, titled An Astronaut’s View from Space.