A "Virtual" Tour of Austin's ESW Career Day Fair 2003
October 14, 2003

Pat Alfano, Bureau of Economic Geology, demonstrated how computer graphics are created..


Students learned about watersheds from Paul Bond, American Youth Works.


Students enjoyed seeing live images of themselves on the computer screen through the help of Dana Deloca, U.T. Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment.


Students learned about Mars soil properties from Talia Jurgens, Texas Space Grant Consortium.


Students were very interested in observing rock properties from cores thousands of feet below the earth’s surface.


Jeff Mauldin, Texas Space Grant Consortium, presented students with information on the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE).


Sean Murphy, Austin Gem and Mineral Society, demonstrated gem faceting.


Bob Rose, Lower Colorado River Authority, spoke to students about Wild Weather in Central Texas.


Rich Segal, News Channel 8, drove the Storm Cruiser that contains weather monitoring equipment, for students to observe.


Students received first-hand information about life as an exploration geologist from Dr. Ursula Hammes, U.T. Bureau of Economic Geology


Students were given information about watersheds and the Edwards Aquifer by Susan Wall, City of Austin Watershed Protection and development Review Department.


Beckie Morris from Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District, informed students about careers in groundwater resources and management.


Carol Knepp, Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve, read Governor Perry’s Texas Earth Science Week proclamation at the opening ceremony.


Students were intrigued by John Curchin, Santa Fe Community College, as he talked about the possibility of life on other plants.


Sara Heilman, City of Austin Watershed Protection and Development Review Department, talked to the students about watersheds and the Edwards Aquifer.


Students heard about hurricanes and other natural disasters from Dr. Kathy Ellins, U.T. Institute for Geophysics.


Sponsors for the 2003 career fair included The Subsurface Library, Lower Colorado River Authority, City of Austin Watershed Protection and Development Review Department, D.B. Stephens and Associates, and contributions from Allan Standen and John Curchin, U.T. Commons Conference Complex, U.T. Rec Sports, and U.T. Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment.


Roger Meyers, Central Texas Paleontological Society, helped students identify Central Texas fossils.


Students got hands-on experience about soil properties from Randy Remington, U.T. Bureau of Economic Geology.


Students explored rock and mineral properties and identification with the help of local expert Allan Standen, D.B. Stephens & Associates.


Students were delighted to watch Adventures in Virtual Reality, presented by Bureau staffers Dallas Dunlap and Scott Rodgers.


Alan Watts and Mary Kelley, Texas Commission for Environmental Quality, spoke to the students about the merits of composting.


Dr. Jerry Wermund spoke with Katie Kier about his life as an author and publisher. His latest publication is titled Earthscapes: Landforms Sculpted by Wind, Water, and Ice.


Dee Lurry and Christopher Brown, U.S.G.S., played Water Jeopardy with students. The goal of this game is to entertain and educate students about water resources.