A "Virtual" Tour of Austin's ESW Career Day Fair 2002
October 15, 2002

Dr. Mary Ann Rankin, Dean of UT School of Natural Sciences, reads Governor Perry's Texas Earth Science Week proclamation.


Allan Standen, geologist at LBG-Guyton Associates, talks to students about rocks and minerals.


Jason Seale from Cable News Channel 8 shows students the News 8 Storm Cruiser.


Students were thrilled to look at real moon rocks and simulated soils provided by Texas Space Grant Consortium's Margaret Baguio.

Dallas Dunlap, geologist at UT Bureau of Economic Geology, amazes students with "Adventures in Virtual Reality."

Students get hands-on experience with the Watershed and Edwards Aquifer model taught by Susan Wall, City of Austin Watershed Department.

Paul Bond, American Youth Works, teaches watershed awareness.

Students and teachers enjoy the rock and mineral exhibit.


Students talk to real scientists and technicians about careers in earth science.


Students enjoy learning about fossils from Danny Harlow, Central Texas Paleontological Society.


Students investigate rock properties.


Carol Knepp, Executive Director of Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve, presents representatives of the Austin Public Library with a check to purchase earth science books. $1,700.00 was raised for the library.


Carol Knepp, Director of Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve, talks to students about rocks and minerals.


Haidee Williams, teacher and science director for TEA Region 13, talks to students about her underwater adventures in a submersible.


Sponsors for Austin ESW included City of Austin Watershed departments, Schlumberger, Lower Colorado River Authority, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, UT Commons, RecSports, and UT Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment.


Sean Murphy, Austin Gem and Minerals Society, demonstrates rock and mineral polishing.


Members of Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District and Splash! discuss careers in water resources and management.


Students and teachers enjoy the exhibits area.


8th Grade earth science teacher Lawanna Jenkins and Austin ESW Chair Sigrid Clift talk at the career fair.


Archeologist Doug Boyd of Prewitt and Associates talks to students about careers in archeology.


Students investigate petroleum exploration using Schlumberger's interactive CD, demonstrated by Mark Vining.


Meteorologist Bob Rose talks to students about weather and climate.


The students got to hear all about the possibility of life on other planets from planetary geologist John Curchin, a professor at Santa Fe Community College in Florida.