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Structure above the Salt Section

Structure on the top of the Salado salt-bearing interval. Top Alibates Formation and equivalent top of upper Rustler anhydrite are used as markers. Prominent salt-dissolution features can be identified in Winkler, Ward, and Howard Counties.

Structure on top of the Alibates shows the effect that deposition and partial dissolution of bedded salt as well as postdepositional structural deformation had on the overlying stratigraphic marker. All of the major structural elements identified on the subsalt marker top Yates structure are also visible on the top Alibates structure, showing that the major components of the deformation postdate Alibates deposition. Many structural features, for example the east edge of the Central Basin Platform, are more subdued on the top Alibates structure than the top Yates structure, showing that some of the Yates deformation occurred during Salado deposition and created accommodation reflected in Ochoan thickness.

Outcrop Geology: Generalized Geologic Map
Depth to Salt: Alibates — Surface Isopach
Thickness of Salt-Bearing Interval: Ochoan Isopach
Salt Quality: Net Salt and Percent Salt
Below Salt Structure: Structure on Top of the Yates