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The analysis and monitoring of geologic processes and natural hazards requires observations of the earths surface and measurements of its topography. Remote sensing from airborne or space-based platforms provides a synoptic view of a study area often difficult to obtain from ground observations alone. Researchers at the Bureau of Economic Geology use data from remote-sensing technologies including airborne and satellite imagery, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), and lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) to support a wide range of investigations. Aerial photography, multi-spectral and hyper-spectral imagery are crucial in regional studies for the classification of land cover/land use types and the mapping of habitat. Airborne interferometric and polarimetric SAR has been used to map the topography and electrical properties of the ground surface. And airborne lidar mapping is used extensively in the geomorphic analysis of coastal change, the analysis of flood hazards, and the three-dimensional visualization of natural and urban terrains.


Ecological Resource Assessment of the Rio Grande Riparian Corridor [Description]

Evaluation and Validation of EO-1 and Landsat 7 Imagery through an Analysis of Land Cover/Land Use and Rates of Deforestation in Belize, Central America [Description]


Leon River Restoration Project [Description]

Airborne Lidar Survey for the Southern California Beach Processes Study: Point La Jolla to Dana Point [Description]

The Powder River Basin: Hydrogeology of Coalbed Natural Gas Production and Airborne Lidar Terrain Mapping [Description]

Laser Terrain Mapping [Description]

The Texas Shoreline Change Project [Description]

Characterization of the Beach Zone via Airborne Lidar and Hyperspectral Remotely Sensed Data [Description]

Monitoring and Evaluation of Geotubes [Description]

Airborne Lidar Survey for the Southern California Beach Processes Study: Point La Jolla to Dana Point [Description]

Austin Lidar Project [Description]

Airborne Lidar Survey of Resaca Restoration Area, Brownsville, Texas [Description]