Paine, J. G., and Collins, E. W., 2003, Applying airborne electromagnetic induction in groundwater salinization and resource studies, West Texas, in Proceedings, Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems: Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society, p. 722-738 (CD-ROM). 
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Paine, J. G., and Collins, E. W., 2002, Evaluating potential groundwater resources on State Lands in El Paso County, Texas using airborne geophysics: report prepared for the General Land Office under contract no. 02-306R, 87 p.
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Completed Study
Evaluating Potential Ground-Water Resources on State Lands in
El Paso County, Texas, Using Airborne Geophysics
Jeffrey G. Paine, principal investigator; Edward W. Collins
In this project sponsored by the Texas General Land Office, we combined ground-based and high-resolution airborne geophysical methods with an analysis of available water-well data and geologic information to identify potentially favorable groundwater resources within the Hueco Bolson in eastern El Paso County, Texas. An airborne geophysical survey flown by Fugro Airborne Surveys in August 2001 acquired time-domain electromagnetic and passive magnetic field data over the 372-km2 survey area. Magnetic field data correlated well with mapped fault locations. Airborne TDEM data were processed to produce animations and horizontal slices that depict apparent conductivity changes at 10-m depth intervals. Above the zone of water saturation, geologic features such as faults are prominent in the data. Below the water table at about 100 m, apparent conductivity values correlate with existing groundwater quality data. Largely on the basis of airborne survey results, we identified two areas of low conductivity that are favorable locations for groundwater exploration. Although these areas represent the most favorable sites for groundwater exploration in the area, geophysical and available water-well data suggest that these resources are limited and that local, high-volume production would likely be accompanied by significant water-level decline and salinity increase.
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February 2003