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Near-surface geophysical research is conducted at the Bureau by Jeffrey G. Paine. Click here for a list of publications.
Current Near-Surface Geophysics Studies
Evaluating the Integrity of the Ogallala Fine-Grained Zone Using Airborne Geophysics [Description]
A New Look at Mustang Island Wetlands [Description]
Ground-Based Geophysical Investigations in the Seco Creek Area, Medina County, Texas [Description]
Assessing Lacy Creek Salinization Using Airborne Geophysics [Description]
Completed Studies
Evaluating Potential Ground-Water Resources on State Lands in El Paso County, Texas, Using Airborne Geophysics [Description]
Training for Seismic Refraction Instrument to Determine Bedrock Depth beneath Roads [Description]
Mapping Near-Surface Salinization Using Long-Wavelength AIRSAR [Description]