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Bureau Research into groundwater resources looks at such practical questions as how much water can be pumped from an aquifer, how much recharge is there, and how much water will be left in 50 years. Researchers answer such questions via numerical modeling, original field research, and data collection and analysis. Numerical or computer models become the tool-of-choice for making long-term water resource predictions. Field studies help to document recharge rates and flow paths of groundwater in the recharge zone. Collection and analysis of data are required to better understand all aspects of an aquifer including the geologic distribution of hydraulic properties (hydraulic conductivity and storativity), recharge and discharge, exchange or interaction of groundwater and surface water, and the movement of groundwater across the boundaries of an aquifer.

Current Studies

"TCEQ Feasibility Studies for Small Public Water Systems"

Inclusion of Queen City & Sparta Aquifers into Existing Carrizo-Wilcox Groundwater Availability Models [Description]

Please Pass the Salt: Using Oil Fields for the Disposal of Concentrate from Desalination Plants [Description]

Evaluation of Arsenic Distribution and Potential Sources in Groundwater in Texas (TCEQ) [Description]

Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions in Texas: Implications for Water Resources and Contaminant Transport (TCEQ) [Description]

Field Validation of Geologic Assessment of Features Sensitive to Pollution in Karst and Development of Best Management Practices [Description]

Study to Evaluate Electronic Access to Geologic Data and Surface Casing Depths Necessary to Protect Usable Groundwater in the State [Description]

Edwards Aquifer Studies [Link]

Completed Studies

Groundwater Availability Model of Central Part of the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer in Texas [Description]

Field Studies to Estimate Groundwater Recharge in the Central Carrizo Wilcox Aquifer [Description]

Groundwater Availability Modeling of the Barton Springs Segment of the Edwards Aquifer [Description]

Identification of Geographic Areas Suitable for Groundwater Banking [Description]

Review of Existing Data on Groundwater Recharge in Texas [Description]

Field Studies to Estimate Groundwater Recharge beneath Irrigated and Nonirrigated Regions in the Southern High Plains, Texas [Description]