Study to Evaluate Electronic Access to Geologic Data and Surface Casing Depths Necessary to Protect Usable Groundwater in the State

Edward W. Collins, principal investigator; Ian Duncan, Thomas A. Tremblay, and Aaron Averette

This study is a collaboration with TCEQ surface casing staff to develop a prototype Website for electronic access to geologic data and surface casing depths necessary to protect usable groundwater in Texas. The result, the Surface Casing Information Site, provides a digital database for use by TCEQ, well operators, and the public and enables 24-hour electronic access to geologic data necessary for Texas' oil and gas operators and TCEQ. Users can generate location maps of proposed well locations required by TCEQ, obtain estimates of probable surface casing requirements, and review well logs and other relevant information. The pilot website, with data from Brazos County, became available in 2004. This study has continued and will include data for 14 counties by August, 2008. The project goal is to develop a digital database of statewide information that will benefit oil and gas operators and the public and that will reduce the time and effort required for the TCEQ surface casing review.


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Edward W. Collins, principal investigator. Telephone (512) 471-1534;

January 2008