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Environmental Quality

We unite a spectrum of methodologies and approaches to attack the difficult problems of remediating contaminated areas and maintaining the quality of the environment. These diverse environmental quality projects are similar only in that in they draw from a multidisciplinary team of expertises to identify innovative and cost-effective approaches to solving applied problems. Our team rises to the challenge of each new problem. The best way to understand what we do is to read through some of our current and recently completed projects.

Abandoned Oil Field Cleanup

Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Geologic Media

Design, Installation, and Monitoring of Engineered Covers at a Site in the Chihuahuan Desert, Texas

Characterization of Benzene Plumes at Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank Sites in Texas

Characterization of Bedded Salt for Storage Caverns

Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone

Recent publications in environmental quality

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