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Accessing the Brine-Formation Database

There are three ways to access the Brine-Formation Database, which provides information for 16 parameters in 19 basins. Use the Data Matrix together with the database to get an overview of the contents and interpret the features that you see. Not all parameters in all formations are populated; see Data Matrix for details.

Read and download the report: Technical Summary: Optimal Geological Environments for Carbon Dioxide Disposal in Brine Formations (Saline Aquifers) in the United States (PDF format)

Data Matrix. Key excerpts from the database. View using Internet Explorer.
Database of ArcView and Arc Grid files. These files are designed to be manipulated with ArcView (7 or higher) software with Spatial Analyst extension. Shapefiles but not GRID can be viewed with the downloadable no-cost viewer ArcExplorer. Software available from ESRI (http://www.esri.com/software/arcexplorer/download.html)
Brine-Formation Database. View using Arc Internet Map Server. Please read Arc IMS requirements. The database is divided into five regions as shown in the figure below. Click on a region to launch the database for that region.