Visiting Researchers

The Center serves as a host/mentor for Visiting Researchers from governments, national energy companies and research institutions who are interested in a short-term residence in the U.S. in order to study energy markets, industry organization and policy/regulatory issues and approaches. This program facilitates the exchange of information and knowledge, enhances cultural exchange between visitors, corporate organizations, and university personnel and contributes to the growing body of research at the Center and elsewhere on market-based energy development and related topics. We have hosted visiting researchers from Turkey, Germany, South Korea, China, India, Colombia, Mexico, and The Republic of Georgia.

The following conditions apply.

  • The visiting researcher must apply and work with CEE to receive necessary University of Texas approvals in accordance with the university regulations on visiting scholars and researchers.
  • The visitor must satisfy all U.S. rules and regulations for short-term residence.
  • Support from the Center includes computer and research resources and limited assistance with visa and residency arrangements. Visitors also have access to library resources and curricula, as well as opportunities to interact with Center Corporate Underwriters, Advisory Board, Senior Associates and collaborating faculty, staff and students.
  • It is preferable that the researcher have some support from his/her sponsoring organization. The Center can provide limited support in certain circumstances through annual corporate underwriting.
  • Keeping in mind Center's focus on commercial frameworks for energy investment, the research projects undertaken should follow these guidelines in some combination.
    • They should focus on policies or strategies for successful commercial development.
    • They should address on the role of government, the business/government interface, or corporate strategies and management responses.
    • They should be generally oriented toward upstream oil and gas development, pipelines, gas and electricity distribution, electric power development.
  • Research products will be published as Center white papers in collaboration with faculty or staff.
  • The Center will provide guidance and assistance for external publication of research results in industry or academic journals.
  • The visiting researcher may participate in courses within the university, or may combine his/her residency with completion of a professional degree with permission of the appropriate colleges and administrative offices.
  • Neither the Center nor the college or university assumes any liability associated with the term of a visitor's residence.

To inquire about the Visiting Researchers Program please email the Center at