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The Center serves as a host/mentor for Visiting Researchers from governments, national energy companies and research institutions who are interested in a short-term residence in the U.S. in order to study energy markets, industry organization and policy/regulatory issues and approaches. This program facilitates the exchange of information and knowledge, enhances cultural exchange between visitors, corporate organizations, and university personnel and contributes to the growing body of research at the Center and elsewhere on market-based energy development and related topics. We have hosted visiting researchers from Turkey, Germany, South Korea, China, India, Colombia, Mexico, and The Republic of Georgia.
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Thales Viegas
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

March- May 2012

Thales received a PhD in Industry and Technology Economics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. During his stay at the CEE, he conducted research on improving the understanding of offshore finding and development cost structures, including developing and implementing a survey with companies and participants at the Offshore Technology Conference.

Shihui Liu
China University of Geosciences- Beijing

August 2008- July 2009

Shihui was a Ph.D. student in resource economics at the China University of Geosciences Beijing. While in graduate school, she took part in a research project on "Economic Development and Cooperation on Yangtze Delta". Her paper on the topic received an award of first-class prize as Outstanding Academic Paper awarded by China Institute of Science of Management. She visited CEE for about a year starting in September 2008 to undertake joint comparative research projects on carbon value chain economics and policy and renewable portfolio standards in the US and China.

Omar Valdez
Columbia University

June- August 2008

Omar received a Master of Public Administration degree from Columbia University with a focus on International Finance & Energy Management. He interned with the Center for Energy Economics in the summer of 2008 as a requirement of the master’s program. While at CEE he:

  • Researched key national oil companies (NOCs) in Latin America for CEE's NOC research.
  • Developed a database on industrial sector's natural gas use with a focus on Texas to support CEE's natural gas research platform.

Adeniyi Olukoya
University of Maryland, Baltimore Country

June - August 2007

Adeniyi is pursuing a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He spent almost three months at the Center for Energy Economics as a student intern. While at CEE, he was involved in various research projects led by the Center. In particular, he:

  • Researched effects of LNG facilities on project sites and nearby communities.
  • Monitored and organized records of past and future changes in natural gas prices and commitments.
  • Compiled data for a study on greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Conducted an In-depth study on liquefied natural gas and small scale natural gas processing.

Visiting Researchers

Imad Alam Al-Deen
Columbia University

June- August 2010

Imad, a native of Iraq and a Fulbright Scholar, received a Master of Public Administration degree from Columbia University with a concentration in International Energy Management & Policy.  As a requirement of his degree program, Imad interned at the CEE during the summer of 2010 and worked on:

  • The preparation of a report on the Iraqi oil sector, focusing on supply of power generation and export of gas, and onshore infrastructure needed to facilitate oil exports, and verification of information collected; assessment of scenarios developed by CEE.
  • Global oil price formation and the role of OPEC.

Nihan Karali
Boğaziçi University

January- May 2009

Nihan received her Ph.D. from the Industrial Engineering Department of Boğaziçi University, İstanbul, Turkey.  Nihan is an energy modeler and, during her graduate studies, worked on energy-environment topics with her professors with a focus on modeling diffusion of renewable energy technologies, electricity demand growth, general equilibrium modeling of impacts of and interactions between energy and environment policies, willingness to pay for emissions reduction, and linkages between sectoral CO2 emissions and energy efficiency.  During her stay with CEE, taking advantage of her modeling background, Nihan explored the possibility for CEE to download and use the National Energy Modeling System (NEMS) used by the Energy Information Administration.

Haibin Wang
Tsinghua University

September 2008- March 2009

Haibin is a graduate from the Institute of International Studies, Tsinghua University.  In March 2008, he published a special issue of Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence (OGEL) on, “China's Choices about Energy Security Safeguards and Their Causes.”  Haibin visited CEE for about seven months starting September 2008 to undertake joint comparative research projects on the following issues:

  • Where growing economies compete with China for energy supplies from around the world.
  • Energy security issues associated with China and the rest of the world.
  • The role China plays within the global energy markets.
  • Environmental and technological aspects to energy security as countries adopt new production and consumption technologies to increase diversification, improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

Mustafa Erkan, LL.M.
University of Exeter

February - July 2007

Mustafa is a Ph.D. candidate in law at the University of Exeter and is currently working as a visiting scholar at Center for Energy Economics, University of Texas at Austin (until August 2007). Mustafa has been working as a lawyer at the Ankara Bar Association in Turkey since December 2000 (currently not practicing). He specializes international dispute resolution through arbitration, mediation or litigation. He has a special focus on oil & gas and energy investment disputes with State parties, including issues of State responsibility, sovereign immunity and investment treaty protections. He used to work as a paramedic from 1993 to 2000.

While at CEE, Mustafa ran a research project related to the management of the political risks faced by international petroleum investors during the life span of their projects, concentrating on how effective contractual clauses can be to protect against and avoid investment disputes that can lead to expropriation. He has developed a questionnaire and surveyed state agencies, international petroleum lawyers, executives of petroleum companies, scholars and international organizations to get their views and experiences regarding contractual clauses.

Dr. Chang Hyeun Cho
Korea Institute for International Economics and Trade
September 2006 - February 2007

Dr. Cho is a Research Fellow at the Korea Institute for International Economics and Trade (KIET). Dr. Cho spent a few months at CEE studying electricity sector restructuring in the US and Texas, and conducting research on restructuring of the electricity sector in Korea. While at CEE, Dr. Cho presented at CEE's Think Day on South Korea. He discussed his research conclusions regarding Texas and US electricity restructuring and regulation and considerations for generation fuels as compared to the Korea experience. Dr. Cho, jointly with CEE's Dr. Gurcan Gulen and Dr. Foss, published a paper in KIET Industrial Economic Review, Volume 12, No 2, March - April 2007. The paper can be downloaded here or accessed here.

Previous Visiting Researchers

Stephan Grief
University of the Armed Forces, Germany
2003 and 2004

Andreas Hummel
University of the Armed Forces, Germany
2003 and 2004

Shoulian Cao
China Geophysical University