New Challenges in Siting Tranmission Lines
By Invitation Only Forum
January 26-27, 2010
Washington, D.C.

Public attitudes towards new high-voltage transmission lines will play a major role in shaping this country's future energy supply. Lack of transmission from generation sites to load centers is one of the most important obstacles facing broader use of renewables. Yet problems such as transmission cost allocation, eminent domain, differing state approaches to assessing need and granting permits, and other issues threaten to delay new transmission projects for years to come.

The Center for Energy Economics at the Bureau of Economic Geology (The University of Texas at Austin), in collaboration with Terra Group, held this important forum on January 26-27, 2010. This forum examined current obstacles to transmission siting, especially obstacles arising from public opposition, inter-jurisdictional conflicts among state and federal regulatory authorities, cost allocation, land use issues associated with land-intensive technologies, and other related issues. It analyzed various measures that might address these issues, and identify the strategies that will be most successful in winning public support. These might include advancing electric power system enhancements such as expanding dispatch from alternative energy generation and intelligent system technologies. It helped to foster new ways of thinking about stakeholder relationships and possible collaborations for more productive siting determinations.

Transmission is a component of a complex energy policy context that includes mixed and often conflicting agendas and trade offs, questions on authority and questions on capacity needs and technology solutions. This forum will help decision makers and implementers to sort out competing objectives and understand better goals, objectives and concerns of myriad stakeholders.

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