2010 Think Corner

CEE 2010 Annual Meeting and Natural Gas Forum
with Oxford Institute for Energy Studies - Natural Gas Programme

On November 30 - December 1, 2010 CEE held our annual meeting and forum focused on natural gas.  Oxford Institute for Energy Studies-Natural Gas Programme (OIES-NGP), directed by long time colleague Professor Jonathan Stern collaborated in the event.  Our annual meeting and forum are designed to help us focus our ongoing research, share ideas and obtain peer input.  A diverse mix of CEE and OIES-NGP personnel, scientists from our UT and BEG home programs and industry and practitioner viewpoints were captured.  Highlights included:

  • The changing scene for natural gas in Europe with broader implications for North American and global markets.  Discussions touched on whether pricing schemes for contracted gas and LNG supplies might shift away from crude oil, the complex political and market dimensions created by electric power grid integration of renewables and associated European Union targets.
  • Balancing renewables and affects on the electric power generation fleet and grids in the U.S. also were a hot topic.  Volatility, cost, efficiency of thermal generation units (both gas and coal) were all explored within the context of myriad renewable portfolio standards and debate about a national RPS.
  • The role of science in understanding and mitigating air and water quality concerns, and how to improve public information.  Research at UT provided the platform for a wide ranging and thought provoking conversation on proposed new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for nitrogen oxides (NOx); on air emissions from natural gas industry operations; and on water use and protection of drinking water quality during natural gas drilling and production.
  • Natural gas supply, including the status of LNG import facilities and commodity market issues.  Topics that were explored included whether natural gas and crude oil prices will remain de-linked; fundamental drivers for oil and gas prices including domestic production sources and costs and the changing natural gas customer mix; role of trading and U.S. policies that impact commodity markets.

On the evening of November 30 CEE and Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), with support from America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) hosted a viewing of the movie Haynesville.  More information about Haynesville can be found at http://www.haynesvillemovie.com/.  For information about CEA go to http://consumerenergyalliance.org/ and for information on ANGA go to http://www.anga.us/.

CEE thanks all participants in our forum for allowing us to share their presentation materials in the public domain.  Please contact us at energyecon@beg.utexas.edu if you have questions regarding our annual meeting and forum.

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