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The goal of the Bureau's Center for Energy Economics (CEE) is to educate stakeholders on energy economics and commercial frameworks using comparative research to facilitate energy development.  The CEE staff have conducted worldwide energy research, professional capacity building, and public outreach for over 25 years in more than 20 countries. As a result, CEE offers a unique combination of knowledge on both electric power and petroleum industries, which is supported by a uniquely powerful geotechnical foundation via the Bureau of Economic Geology expertise on domestic resources of oil, natural gas, and non-fuel minerals.

The Center prides itself in conducting independent and objective research that is grounded in commercial and sector realities faced by energy companies, regulatory agencies, and government policy makers across oil, natural gas, and electric power value chains. Our independence and objectivity are made possible by the diversity of Center Partners that provide sustaining support on an annual basis as well as critical business and government interactions that inform our research priorities and content.

Corporate funds are leveraged by developing solid proposals that can compete for major grants or gifts. CEE staff often collaborate with other Bureau researchers, faculty across the University of Texas at Austin or from other universities, think tanks and CEE’s wide industry network. The criteria for CEE research projects follow.

  • They must fall within the mission and scope of the CEE;
  • They must emphasize policies for successful commercial energy development;
  • They must focus on the role of government, the business/government interface, or corporate strategies and management responses; and
  • They must be interdisciplinary when necessary.

In this way, the Center has built a larger program of research on the U.S. and global energy businesses and policy issues that is dynamic.  Years of CEE research are grouped in several research areas, including upstream attainment, global gas and LNG, and electric power. An emerging area is critical minerals. Energy webs is where we bring together research from other areas to explore trade-offs across various societal value dimensions for individual energy sources and technologies.

CEE Partners have access to background data used in CEE research, inputs and outputs from CEE modeling, timely insights from CEE staff on current energy issues and more via a password-protected page and regular electronic and face-to-face communication.

If you are interested in becoming a CEE Partner, please contact us.

Current Center Partners include the following entities: