Commercial Frameworks for LNG in North America
The Center for Energy Economics (previously known as the Institute for Energy, Law & Enterprise) has established an independent, objective and widely accessible knowledge and education base on the role of LNG in North American energy security. The CEE research and public education effort on LNG is supported by a number of public and private organizations. The U.S. Department of Energy - Office of Fossil Energy provides a federal interface to the federal and state agencies that play lead roles in ensuring public safety and security associated with LNG facilities. The CEE's LNG research consortium also is a part of our overall research and public education efforts on natural gas and the role of natural gas in the U.S. and world energy mix, as well as our ongoing, overall research and education on the energy value chains (in particular for crude oil, natural gas and electric power), energy markets and energy policy and commercial frameworks.

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Guide to Liquefied Natural Gas in North America

LNG Backgrounder (pdf format)

Introduction to LNG
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Introduccion al GNL
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LNG Safety and Security
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Sistemas de Seguridad y Protección de GNL (pdf format)

Press release on The Role of LNG in North American Natural Gas Supply and Demand (pdf format)

Interstate Natural Gas: Quality Specifications and Interchangeability

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LNG reports prior to June 1, 2005 were developed by the Center for Energy Economics as the Institute for Energy, Law & Enterprise at the UH Law Center

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