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Appendix 3: Glossary of Terms 47,48
British Thermal Unit (BTU) Refers to low temperature and low temperature technology. There is no precise temperature for an upper boundary but -100oF is often used.
Cryogenic A Btu is the amount of heat required to change the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.
Density A description of oil by some measurement of its volume to weight ratio. The industry usually relies on two expressions of oil's volume-weight relationship-specific gravity and API degrees. The larger a specific gravity number and the smaller an API number, the denser the oil.
Fahrenheit degrees (F) A temperature scale according to which water boils at 212 and freezes at 32 Fahrenheit degrees. Convert to Centigrade degrees (C) by the following formula: (F-32)/1.8= C.
Impoundment Spill control for tank content designed to limit the liquid travel in case of release. May also refer to spill control for LNG piping or transfer operations.
Middle distillates Products heavier than motor gasoline/naphtha and lighter than residual fuel oil. This range includes heating oil, diesel, kerosene, and jet kero.
Mole Percent Mole is a short form of molecular weight. Mole fraction or mole percent is the number of moles of a component of a mixture divided by the total number of moles in the mixture.
MTPA Million Tonnes per Annum. Tonnes or Metric Ton is approximately 2.47 cubic meter of LNG.
MW Molecular Weight
Peakshaving LNG Facility A facility for both storing and vaporizing LNG intended to operate on an intermittent basis to meet relatively short term peak gas demands. A peakshaving plant may also have liquefaction capacity, which is usually quite small compared to vaporization capacity at such facility.
Stranded Gas Gas is considered stranded when it is not near its customer and a pipeline is not economically justified.
Sweetening Processing to remove sulfur. Hydrodesulfurization, for instance, can produce sweet catfeed. Caustic washing can sweeten sour natural gasolines to make them suitable for motor gasoline blending.
47 Phillips Petroleum Company
48 Poten & Partners