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July 28, 2016

Coming soon: Current and Future Natural Gas Demand in China and India

Upstream Matters! 2015 Update

March 2016

2015 Update to CEE's Research on National Oil Companies (NOCs)
October 2015

Battery Materials Value Chains
April 2016

Industrial Gas Demand - An Update
June 2015

Retail Electricity Prices on the Rise
November 2015

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Ongoing Our colleagues at Decision Strategies are offering various training and workshops on decision making, value of information, managing risk and uncertainty in conventional and unconventional opportunities, and probabilistic modeling among others. See the schedule here.

June 28 - The Center for Energy Economics hosted its Mid-Year Meeting "Are 'we' asking too much of electricity markets?" on June 28. The discussion focused on our wide-ranging electric power research. Former FERC Comminssioner, Marc Spitzer, currently Partner at Steptoe & Johnson, LLP was our guest speaker. [download agenda]

June 18-24 - Dr. Michelle Michot Foss traveled to Japan to give a lecture at the Graduate Research Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) and the Institute for Energy Economics Japan (IEEJ) in Tokyo. Dr Michot Foss and Prof. Hisanori Nei, former nuclear energy regulator and energy specialist, met with senior business and government on oil, gas and power market developments. Dr Michot Foss, Prof. Nei, and colleagues from IEEJ toured the Onagawa Nuclear Station hosted by Tohoku Power Company to observe progress in re-powering the nuclear units. Onagawa survived the 2011 earthquake and tsunami because of higher site elevations and other safety measures in the plant design.

Picture on left (from left to right): Dr. Gurcan Gulen, Marc Spitzer, Dr. Michelle Michot Foss and Dr. Chen-Hao Tsai

Picture on right: Dr. Michelle Michot Foss and Prof. Hisanori Nei with GRIPS students.

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