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May 24, 2016

Retail Electricity Prices on the Rise
March 2016

Monitoring U.S./Global Oil and Gas: Upstream Attainment, Producer Challenges, Part Deux

March 2015

2015 Update to CEE's Research on National Oil Companies (NOCs)
March 2015

Monitoring U.S./Global Oil and Gas: Upstream Attainment, Producer Challenges
February 2015

Industrial Gas Demand - An Update
February 2015

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Ongoing Our colleagues at Decision Strategies are offering various training and workshops on decision making, value of information, managing risk and uncertainty in conventional and unconventional opportunities, and probabilistic modeling among others. See the schedule here.
March 8 Dr. Michelle Foss will deliver the lunch keynote address at the Houston Geological Society's 2016 Mudrocks Conference on March 8, 2016.
March 10-11 CEE staff will kick-off a series of short courses for Mexican oil and gas industry stakeholders in Mexico City.

The Center for Energy Economics hosted a Think Day on Iran and The Middle East on February 16, 2016 with speakers Luc Boyer, Consulate General of France in Houston, and Sara Vakhshouri, SVB Energy Inernational.

On February 12, 2016, students from the Jackson School of Geosciences in the Energy and Earth Resources program visited CEE to discuss the state of the industry with Dr. Foss, Dr. Gulen and Dr. Tsai.

Dr. Michelle Michot Foss, Chief Energy Economist and Program Manager
Center for Energy Economics, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin
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