West Africa Regional Natural Gas Workshop, July 9-13, 2007 Accra, Ghana

Presentations Slides

  • What will make the West African Natural Gas Marketplace work? What makes a marketplace work? (Mrs. Harriette Amissah-Arthur) [download]
  • Natural Gas Workshop Concepts and Overview (Foss) [download]
  • Topic 1: Resource and Infrastructure Investment for Delivery
    • Key Value Chain Components; Investment Considerations (Gulen, Foss) [download]
  • Topic 2: Standards for Gas Market Operations (Foss) [download]
  • Topic 3: The West African Gas Pipeline Project - Ghana, Togo, Benin
    • Competitiveness of Natural Gas: Industrial Uses and Power Generation (Adjei) [download]
    • WAGP Project (Magbonde) [download]
  • TOPIC 4: Developing the Secondary Gas Market in Ghana, Benin and Togo.
    • LDC Economic Model [download]
    • Lessons Learnt from Secondary Gas Markets in other Countries (Gulen) [download]
    • Competitiveness of natural gas from a customer perspective: WAGP Project - Opportunities for TOR (Ditsa) [download]
    • LDC TEMA: The Investor's Perspective (GECAD) [download]
  • TOPIC 5: Access to Information on Safe Use, Alternative Uses, and Choices
  • TOPIC 6: Policy and Regulatory “Rules of the Game” (Foss, Gulen) [download]
  • TOPIC 7: Overview of the Energy Sectors in the Sub-region and the Role of Natural Gas. Country case studies
  • TOPIC 8: Smart Development Issues and Mitigation
  • TOPIC 9: The Current Energy Situation and Implications for Subregional Energy Initiatives (WAPP, WAGP, etc), (J. Amissah-Arthur) [download]