USAID Energy Sector Governance Grant in Ghana

Initiation of Grant Activities:
Background Info and Trip of UH IELE to Ghana

In 2003, the Applied Research Team of IELE won the Energy Sector Governance Program Grant of the U.S. Agency for International Development with its proposal to create a “Smart Development” initiative through its annual training program, New Era in Oil, Gas & Power Value Creation.

IELE will use the grant to test a pilot program that would enhance and extend this proven, international capacity building program through a Smart Development Initiative. Our initiative would be designed to improve the capability of local educational and development institutions in emerging markets to address public education and participation, as well as transparency needs for effective energy sector governance. Through this Initiative, IELE intends to provide a Local Education Partner in Ghana with the tailored training, focused on energy value chain economics and supporting commercial frameworks, tools and ongoing mentoring necessary to develop its own community-based initiatives. Click here for project details (.pdf)

The intended results include an increased number of people across a number of disciplines and occupations (journalists, educators, private sector and general public) and within the ranks of the government with a better understanding of energy industry issues; and ongoing delivery of education and information dissemination through a local source developed with our assistance in order to multiply the number of "informed" citizens. Overall, this program will allow IELE to expand the global reach of its capacity-building efforts in commercial frameworks for energy development.

Project activities have already been started. In March 2004, IELE senior staff visited Ghana to meet with potential counterparts and conduct discussions on the implementation of the project. Meetings have been held with a number of stakeholders. In the course of the meetings, IELE representatives:

  • Developed in-depth understanding of the energy sector in Ghana via numerous meetings with different stakeholders in the sector.
  • Reached a preliminary consensus with PURC about the role of PURC in helping UH IELE implement the program.
  • Identified a list of entities that could be the local educational partner (LEP).
  • Refined the draft work plan and schedule of activities originally envisioned in UH IELE proposal accordingly.

Upcoming partnership activities include:

  • Research on and introduction of "smart development" concepts to the Institute's New Era program.
  • Participation of counterparts from Ghana in the Institute's New Era program in May, 2004
  • Selection of a Local Education Partner.

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Pictures from UH IELE Trip to Ghana