RCEER Natural Gas Primer

In March 2005, RCEER completed the first draft of a natural gas primer. The primer consists of two sections. Natural gas is about to enter the Ghanaian market as a commercial fuel with the completion of West Africa Gas Pipeline (WAGP) by early 2007. As such, policy makers, regulators, consumers and the public are in need of basic information about natural gas. The first part of the primer introduces natural gas: what it is, what it is not; how is it produced, transmitted, and distributed; what are its uses; and so on. The second section is more extensive, providing historical background on natural gas activities in Ghana and WAGP. RCEER will eventually publish the first part separately for widespread public dissemination. The material will also be used in outreach activities to educate different groups of stakeholders (businesses, heavy industries, journalists, etc.).

Article A skeptical use of natural gas as an alternative, Public Agenda Newspaper, May 20, 2005, Ghana

Photos from the Natural Gas Primer Workshop







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