Energy Economics Courses for Students and Professionals in Ghana

Dr. Gürcan Gülen, Senior Economist at the UT-BEG's Center for Energy Economics (CEE), who is the CEE's lead in this grant activities, has been teaching the "Economics of Energy Industries" for over 6 years. He has developed the course content and has educated over 300 students in this important area. Now, a syllabus for a similar course at the University of Ghana has been developed. This 12-week Energy Value Chain Economics and Regulation course will be offered in summer 2006 and will cover the fundamentals of energy value chain economics and regulation. Download draft syllabus

Similarly, a short workshop program is also developed, modeled after CEE's New Era program. CEE created similar adaptations in Bangladesh and Nigeria, and also for a group of assistant energy experts from the Turkish regulator. The RCEER workshop agenda uses these experiences but customizes content according to the needs of the Ghanaian energy sector. This workshop offers a good opportunity for RCEER to initiate its educational activities and to test its ability to generate revenues through such training programs. Download draft workshop program


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