Two-Week Exchange Visit to CEE

From February 18 through March 3, CEE hosted Mr. Emmanuel Quaye-Foli from the Ministry of Energy and Mr. Seth Adjei-Boye from PURC. They were in the U.S. for the NARUC exchange program. CEE and NARUC, with the support of the USAID Mission in Ghana, worked together and were able to extend their visit. They were joined by Mr. Essandoh-Yeddu from EC.

Some highlights from the visit include the following.

  • Introductory lecture on Natural Gas Business
  • Visit to Hockley, El Paso pipeline control facility
  • Visit to H-E-B LNG fleet
  • Visit to the Texas Railroad Commission
  • Visit to CPS Energy, the local LDC in San Antonio
  • Visit to the City of Lake Jackson CNG fleet
  • Visit to Grey Forest Utilities, a smaller LDC northwest of San Antonio
  • Visit to Pickens LNG Facility
  • Working meeting with Al Boulos & Terrence Barr of Afex International to discuss issues associated with developing domestic natural gas potential in Ghana and reconciling this potential with the WAGP volumes.
During the visit the group also worked on an economic model for the LDC in Tema.

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