ALO/USAID Grant to UH IELE to partner with Bangladesh University

Visit of Dr. Ijaz Hossain to Houston
(April 1 - June 28, 2005)

Dr. Ijaz Hossain is a professor of Chemical Engineering Department at BUET. Dr. Hossain spent three months in Houston conducting research, attending a two-week New Era training program and various other conferences. These activities were undertaken as part of the ALO grant. Below is a short interview with Dr. Hossain.

Dr. Hossain, what were your main objectives and expectations for your visit to the CEE in Houston?
  • To learn about Global Energy Scenario with an emphasis on natural gas trade
  • To attend the New Era Program of CEE
  • To collect material that can be used to impart training in energy
  • To write a few papers of interest to Bangladesh
  • To enhance my knowledge and capacity in Energy Economics

During your visit you took part in the New Era program. How would you evaluate your experience?

Very rewarding, especially because of the interaction with energy professionals from many developing countries. Some of the guest lectures were very informative. However, a little bit more of formal instruction in “Value Chain” would have been beneficial

Would you consider New Era program applicable to Bangladesh?

The New Era program is of course universally applicable, more so because the energy business is global. When we conducted a similar program in Bangladesh with one of the CEE staff, it was very well received because the participants learnt about the global energy scenario and were able to relate those to Bangladesh.

Dr. Hossain during New Era
team project presentation

Dr. Hossain receives a New Era program
certificate upon its completion.

What research did you do during your trip to Houston?

My research was mainly concentrated on the following.

  1. Electricity sector deregulation
  2. Advanced coal power plants
  3. Merits and demerits of using CNG, GTL and Electricity for urban transport
  4. Monetising Natural Gas resources through exports
  5. Alternative supply of liquid fuels in the next 20 years

What were some other activities in which you took part while in Houston?

  1. Attending Conferences (other than the New Era)
    • Gulf Coast Power Association Conference
    • Offshore Technology Conference
    • Joint Workshop on the Role of National Oil Companies (CEE and James A. Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University)
    • Joint workshop with Bureau of Economic Geology-University of Texas, Opportunities and Issues in Carbon Markets
  2. Attending meetings with foreign visitors visiting the CEE, such as Brass LNG Limited from Nigeria
  3. Meeting other energy professionals at the Texas Energy Center
    • Discussing GTL and Natural Gas Value Chain with Dr. Jonathan Kwan of Quanelle, Llc
    • Discussion on various energy topics with 2-3 other energy professionals whose offices were located at the Texas Energy Center

Professionally, what were the aspects of your visit that you have enjoyed the most?

This was my first professional trip to the US. I enjoyed most (i) The tremendous learning experience by being in Houston which can undoubtedly be regarded as the commercial oil capital of the world, (ii) To be able to see how the energy business especially commercial frameworks operate, and (iii) By virtue of attending several social events and receptions get to know a wide variety of energy professionals at a personal level

Finally, how do you see relationships developing between CEE and BUET in future?

In the following three ways:

  • Research/analysis outputs such as “Guide to Electric Power in Bangladesh”
  • Assistance in improving the energy economics graduate level course now being offered from the PMRE department of BUET
  • Collaboration in developing New Era type programs but more tailored towards Bangladesh

Thank you.


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