ALO/USAID Grant to CEE to partner with Bangladesh University

Initiation of Grant Activities:
Background Info and Visit of UH IELE to Bangladesh

In 2003, the Applied Research Team at CEE (then known as the Institute for Energy, Law & Enterprise) won the grant for "Partnership to Strengthen Local Capacity for Economic, Financial and Social Analysis of Energy Sector Initiatives" program of Association Liaison Office for University Cooperation in Development. This partnership is dedicated to help enhance energy economics curriculum and expertise at the Department of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Engineering at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET/PMRE) in Dhaka.

CEE and BUET/PMRE will work together to enhance the educational and research capabilities of the BUET/PMRE through training sessions in Houston and Bangladesh, exchange visits of the Institute and BUET/PMRE faculty, and continuous mentoring. Click here for project details (.pdf)

Partnership activities have been already initiated. In Janury 2004, CEE Executive Director Dr. Michelle M. Foss and Dr. Gurcan Gulen visited Bangladesh. The purpose of their visit was to meet with BUET/PMRE faculty and define a work plan that would identify program activities, expected outcomes and project deadlines. To maximize the value of the trip, additional meetings have been held with other stakeholders. CEE met with students, national industry representatives and foreign energy companies operating in Bangladesh. Meetings served as fact finding and needs assessment for the energy sector in Bangladesh. The USAID mission in Dhaka faciliated the meetings.

Partnership activities planned for the next 3 months include:

  • Visit of Prof. Tamim to CEE to attend CEE's New Era program, observe various energy economics, energy law and other classes.
  • Educational audit during which CEE and BUET/PMRE will work together in identifying areas of BUET/PMRE curriculum that need to be strengthened. After the educational audit and needs assessment , partners will work on proposed additions to BUET/PMRE curriculum.

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