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The following positions are currently available at the Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin:

Research Staff

Project Manager
Posting number 13-12-10-01-0361

To provide leadership for West Texas (WTX) reserve and production forecasting group. Serve as the lead researcher on the project.

Essential Functions
Manage the WTX Reserves and Production Forecasting team effort, producing deliverables on time, keeping project within budget, meeting project reporting and publication requirements, and ensuring that the project has appropriate staffing. Conduct petroleum research aspects of the WTX shale reserves and production forecasting effort. Supervise the WTX shale team, plus additional direct reports as assigned. Interact with industry contacts, gaining funding support, data loans, and input on research directions. Make presentations to professional groups, state agencies etc., and publish research results.

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Research Engineering/ Scientist Associate III - Energy Data Analyst
Posting number 13-12-18-01-4209

To provide database management and mapping services for the State of Texas Advanced Resource Recovery (STARR) and Sloan Foundation research programs.

Essential Functions
Search and download from various energy-related databases such as A2D Log Line Plus, DrillingInfo, IHS, IGOR, and LandMark DataStar (for STARR and Sloan projects). Use workstation software such as Petra and GIS, and others. Provide maps of data downloads and interpretive maps using multiple data types. Provide database support to other Bureau projects and the Bureau's Directors. Working knowledge of ArcMap extensions, such as Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst. Working knowledge of ArcGIS spatial/ table join and relate applications. Familiar with Google Earth and kml/kmz file types. Obtain training and mentoring to expand skill set and impact, and become proficient on various energy related databases to be able to produce derivatives from these databases, including subsurface maps. Write summary reports of assigned topics relative to databases. Supervise Graduate Research Assistants as necessary. Publish research and technology findings in journals and present results at professional meetings.

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Executive/Managerial Staff

Program Manager
Posting number 14-02-10-01-0367

To manage the tactical, technical and operational components of the multimillion dollar annual Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC) at the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin.

Essential Functions
Manage and help to develop and evolve the technical and operational aspects of the consortium, bridging between the necessary internal university operations with the external research projects and member expectations. Interact with consortium members through a technical advisory council (TAC), set strategic technical direction, and tactically monitor research projects, renewals, and research priorities. Oversee and administer the external grant award process. Supervise three to four technical project managers who coordinate a portfolio of 30-40 research projects at universities and research institutions around the world, and a program coordinator who manages contracts and consortium logistics. Develop and maintain multi-year operational, financial and staffing plans for the AEC. Organize and summarize the administrative, financial and technical information presented to the Board of Management on a quarterly basis. Maintain contact with AEC member companies to ensure they are individually satisfied with the consortium and continue their investment. Help recruit new members into the consortium. Write and publish articles for internal and external publication that promote and define consortium research. Drive or travel to make presentations at universities, technical forums and conferences to promote the AEC and generate industry interest.

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Technical Staff

Research Engineering/ Scientist Associate III
Posting number 14-02-28-01-4209

To gather, organize, and analyze production history data, correlate production performance with geologic and completion parameters, calculate gas or oil in place, and investigate drainage areas and recovery factors.

Essential Functions
Work as a member of a large interdisciplinary team of researchers to gather, organize and analyze production history data from existing wells. Correlate production performance with geologic and completion parameters. Perform decline analysis. Perform 3D reservoir simulation. Perform original gas/oil in place, drainage areas, and recovery factor calculations. Publish analysis results in peer-reviewed journals. Present at professional conferences.

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Administrative/Clerical Staff

No positions available at this time.

Service/Maintenance Staff

No positions available at this time.

The Bureau of Economic Geology is a research unit of The University of Texas at Austin, and as such adheres to all University hiring practices. The University of Texas at Austin is an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employer. All positions are security sensitive, and conviction verification is conducted on applicants selected. The University of Texas at Austin remains committed to seeking the best qualified person to fill each available position.
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